Thinking for the Long Term | Jeff Bezos

Thinking for the Long Term | Jeff Bezos

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Jeff Bezos, as you and the rest of the world know, is the founder and CEO of Amazon but what many have lost sight of over the years is where Bezos started. Back in 1994, people thought he was absolutely nutso for starting up an internet bookstore. But Bezos had his sites on the future of the internet and was very aware of the obstacles he was up against.

“Big things start small.” Bezos hit it right on the head; startups are about focusing on thinking long-term, the customer and inventing. Not everyone is going to believe in you at first, and you may get turned down more times than you can count on your toes but as Bezos explains in the video below, it is about planting seeds and waiting for them to grow.

Be clear with your vision and stick to it. You may have to make adjustments along the way but things take time and there are no shortcuts to success. Bezos simply took his passions and matched it with the possibilities the internet provided and invented a whole new way of purchasing books which lead into a world wide web mall that has built trust with millions of customers.

If you only make it halfway through the video, that’s ok! Let us just highlight a super important message Bezos brings up that is something that we haven’t preached enough about. As he so elegantly put; obsessing over the customer rather than the competitors is crucial. This was something that he instilled in his employees way back when there were less than 200 of them still competing with companies like Barnes and Noble. Meaning, worry about your competitors but don’t let that fear run your company, let the fear of disappointing your users/customers direct you. Founder & CEO Jeff Bezos: Thinking in the Long Term

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