Stop Waiting for the Green Light

Stop Waiting for the Green Light

When many individuals first try to start up something fresh or seek out a new venture, they look for others or signs to give them the go-ahead. They assume that coming up with the idea is step one and to play it safe they should wait to take the leap. When it comes to creating a new business, this holds you back more than you might think.

The order people think the creation process goes is inspiration, motivation, then action when in reality, this is flawed. Action must first be taken to actually gain the encouragement needed to achieve something. If you were to take the initiative to get started, and lay aside all your fears and doubts, you are that much closer to transforming your idea into a reality.

If you wait for inspiration, you would be at the same point all throughout. You wouldn’t have any advancements because you’re not taking any action. Waiting for someone to tell you it’s a great idea will delay productivity because you won’t be prepared by waiting, only increasing the pressure to make something good and usable after you have eventually taken the leap.

Myranda Cate

Myranda "Coach" Cate is a wordsmith by day and a volleyball extraordinaire by night. When Myranda isn't using her writing degree skills to blog on Nerdy Talk, she spends her spare time shaping young volleyball champions. Coach love's meeting up with friends at Esther's Taco House always with a Dos Equis Amber in her hand.

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