Your App Business Won’t Run Itself

Your App Business Won’t Run Itself

A business that ‘runs itself’ while turning a profit is pretty much the dream for most startups – key word being the dream. However, thinking your app business will run itself is one of the biggest mistakes a startup can make. Don’t start an app business with the hopes that it will just take off as soon as it hits the app store. You must feed your app startup for it to grow.

Some startups seem to forget that they are responsible for managing their app business. You can’t assume your team will handle everything and steer your app to success. A poorly run company affects sales, profits, relationships and the core of the app itself. The results can be devastating.

This is your investment. Your baby. You are ultimately responsible for the outcome. The most common reason for app startup failure is not the one that makes mistakes, but the one that doesn’t do much of anything. The app project that was gradually abandoned.

This should not be treated as a hobby. If you want to avoid failure, you must be willing to invest sufficiently. One of the most significant pieces of advice we can give you is to quit your day job – obviously, have a thorough plan before you jump into the deep end. You will come to learn the blatant truth that things like funding, followers, and users don’t come so easy to those who sit back and do nothing.

Myranda Cate

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