Prepare for the iPad Pro

Prepare for the iPad Pro

Have you cleared your desk to make room for the colossal iPad Pro?  Not long ago, we covered a few of Apple’s big unveilings at their event on September 9th, one of them being the new iPad. Starting November 11, 2015, consumers will have access to the most powerful iOS device ever. The iPad Pro will be available from Apple’s online store beginning tomorrow, Wednesday, and will arrive at Apple’s retail stores, select carriers and Apple Authorized Resellers starting later this week. Now buckle up as we take you through everything you need to know about Apple’s mega tablet.

Quality & Quantity

The new iPad Pro is nearly double the CPU performance of the iPad Air 2. With refined Multi-Touch technology, the iPad Pro adds another dimension to the 12.9-inch Retina display. Starting at $799 for the 32GB model with Wi-Fi, $949 for the 128GB model with Wi-Fi, and up to $1079 for the 128GB Model with Wi-Fi and cellular capabilities. Consumers have the choice of purchasing a silver, gold, or space grey iPad; unfortunately, there is no rose gold option (*enter sad face).

To say the iPad Pro is larger than previous iPad’s would be an understatement. The screen on the iPad Air measures 9.7 inches diagonally, making the iPad Pro’s screen 3 inches larger at 12.9 inches – that’s 78% more display area. You may be asking how well the display is with a screen that large; the iPad Pro fills up the screen entirely with 5.6 million pixels in a 2732×2048 resolution. The new iPad has the highest resolution Retina display Apple has ever produced for a portable machine. Could you imagine watching movies and playing games on this device?

To boot, the iPad Pro is outfitted with four speakers, one near every corner to create an immersive “soundstage” experience. No matter how you hold the iPad, the speakers have been programmed to produce a well-balanced sound. The latest tablet creates an audio experience as big as its display.

Apple has claimed that the iPad Pro boasts 10 hours of battery life (9 hours when using cellular). At the center of the iPad is the new A9X, Apple’s third-generation chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture. The A9X delivers up to 1.8x the CPU performance and doubles the graphics performance.

Multitasking Feature

You can now have two apps open at the same time! There are three ways to view and interact with two apps simultaneously with iOS 9. The first is Slide Over, where you can choose a second app to open up as a pinned sidebar on the right. Next is Split View, where two apps take up half of the screen – simple enough. The third is Picture-in-Picture which lets you watch a video or chat on FaceTime while having another app running in the background. That could prove as quite the treat for students taking notes while catching up on Netflix during a lecture.

The iPad Pro has introduced a cool way to select and edit text on iOS 9; simply place two fingers on the touchscreen, this turns the screen into a trackpad. In addition, third-party apps can customize the shortcuts that appear on the QuickType toolbar making it easier to find all of your important buttons. Apple has provided a variety of built-in apps that make it easy to take on the essential things you do each day. Plus, you’ll find incredible apps on the App Store that are designed just for the iPad. Even the most demanding apps run effortlessly with the new A9X.

Smart Keyboard & Apple Pencil

The full-sized Smart Keyboard is combined with a display of new technologies and materials to work compatibly with the iPad Pro. It is fully portable and connects to the iPad with the Smart Connector, an innovative interface that allows for a two-way exchange of data. The three-pronged Smart Connector allows the keyboard to be connected to the iPad without plugs, wires or Bluetooth. The best part is that you don’t even have to charge the keyboard, the Smart Connector allows for the seamless transfer of data and power between devices. The slim, foldable, lightweight, water-resistant keyboard will be sold for $169 starting this month. And it’s not just used for typing; fold it up and the Smart Keyboard can be used to prop up the iPad or cover up the screen completely.

The Apple Pencil expands the power of Multi-Touch. It is sensitive to both tilt and pressure and feels completely natural and responsive. You can use it to add handwritten notes to digital documents with its several sensors on both its case and the tip to detect the position, pressure, angle, and orientation of your strokes. The Apple Pencil will be most intriguing for sketch artists as it allows you to draw gently on the screen to create light strokes, press down to draw thicker lines, or tilt the Pencil to create a shading effect. The Pencil can also be used simultaneously with your fingers, as well. To charge the Apple Pencil, simply take off the cap and plug the Pencil into your iPad Pro with its Lighting connector.

With fast wireless connectivity, advanced security, two incredible cameras and much more – there’s no better option. The real question is… Do you purchase the new iPad Pro over a MacBook?

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