3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Developing An App

3 Things To Ask Yourself Before Developing An App

Thinking of building an app? There are 3 things you need to add to your checklist before you create an app, and it is the first thing we talk about with each of our clients. If you can clearly answer these 3 things then you’re on your way to creating a successful app.

  1. Does your idea solve a problem?
  2. Is your solution elegant? Does it actually solve the problem?
  3. Lastly, does it create revenue?


We understand that startups are the livelihood of our economy. They are what inspire us and we know what it takes to build an idea from scratch, which is why we believe in these 3 steps. Our work with any startup begins at the seed of an idea, but more importantly does that idea pass the test?

Almost every great idea comes from creating a solution to a problem; this is how all startup businesses are born – from a problem or need. Great businesses, like Apple and Dropbox were all built on big problems and they successfully created a solution. Now, take that same concept and put into developing an app – how can your app solve a problem related to your company and/or customers? Problems are everywhere, but the solution will not always be easy to come by. All too often people believe they have come up with a billion dollar idea, but the solution has to be as strong as the idea or in this case the problem.

Creating a solution is frequently mistaken as the most vital step; however it is the least important. If you think about it, an app as popular as Instagram is just now breaking into creating revenue with its new sponsored ads feature. Let’s breakdown Instagram a bit more into the 3 stages discussed above. The Instagram app has created a simple way to keep in touch with friends just by scrolling through a feed of photos, bypassing the complexities of Facebook. They have simply and elegantly solved issues like boredom and staying connected. And the third stage, as you already know has been solved by ads. Instagram is on its way to understanding you better by predicting your needs and wants with related ads. You can say the same for apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest; they each have a similar and concise answer to each step.

Believe it or not, gaming apps have to go through the same stages in order to be successful. It’s safe to say that games have solved the all too familiar feeling of boredom for both kids and adults. Gaming apps have created an easy outlet for parents to keep their kids occupied, and a means to pass time for adults while waiting for your 4 loads of laundry to dry. For games there are many methods to generating revenue, ads being one of them. Another source is shown more often in the popular, addicting games like Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, and Hay Day. These games may ask you if you’d like to spend $5 for more warriors, or to buy additional supplies rather than waiting 3 hours. After you’ve spent countless hours digging yourself deeper into the game, it sometimes makes sense to spend a few bucks to speed up the process that you lack patience for, right?

Netflix and Hulu; well there is no argument here that they have both clearly set the grounds for relieving users of boredom. As well as created a solution for users who enjoy movies and TV series but don’t have access to cable. Both have a moderately priced monthly subscription to draw in revenue and are easily accessed on several platforms.  On the same note as entertainment, we’re sure you’ve heard of Spotify and similar apps such as Pandora or Apple Music. These apps serve as an entertainment outlet for those runners, train riders, paper writers, and busy teens. They bring your favorite music right to you, evading the whole process of searching and downloading each track yourself. Music has become a powerful instrument of distracting its listeners for their own reasons whether it is boredom, emotions, irritating noises, or to fill the silence. These apps, along with many others, give users the option of using the free version with ads, or purchasing a monthly subscription.

We may have solitarily listed the top of the list apps but there are plenty of apps out there that are just as successful because they have elegantly created a solution to a problem as well as found a way to produce revenue. Before you bring your idea to the table, take it through these steps; can you clearly answer each question? If so, we love helping businesses create an infrastructure for success that lasts long after our role in development. Once a problem has been identified, and a solution has been created, then all that’s left from there is to determine if people are willing to pay for the solution.

Robert Patrick

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