Top 3 of the Dumbest Internet Trends

Top 3 of the Dumbest Internet Trends

The internet has been flooded with idiotic torture. Why are we so amused and drawn to this nonsense? And why the heck do teens and young adults feel the need to upload this crap?

That’s right, we bring to you the 3 dumbest internet trends that have somehow found their way into our lives.


Feel free to laugh at those who do this in public. The new app, has taken video posts to another level. Teens and young adults all over are using the app to create their own music video by shaking their camera and throwing in some hand motions. Don’t they have better things to do with their time, like homework for instance? Making homemade music videos isn’t going to get you into college and it’s not going to be the highlight of your resume. Check out a few of the videos trending on platforms such as Vine, Instagram and YouTube.

2. Kylie Jenner Lips

This one has been around for awhile but we are still in awe of the people that try and boost their lips after the hundreds of failed videos posted to the internet. As if duck lips weren’t enough, people had to go out and destroy their lips with shot glasses. Why do people insist on being like the Kardashians and idolizing Kylie Jenner? There’s more to life than perky, fake lips and contouring.

3. Knock Out Challenge

Otherwise known as the pass out challenge. Hundreds of teens have actually died from this internet sensation! Yet teens still think it’s hilarious to do it to their friends and post it to social media. Words cannot describe how dumb this trend is. What is so fun about rapidly breathing and having your friend put pressure on your chest so that you can pass out?

STOP! You’re doing it wrong. Get in on the trends that actually give purpose to your life and to those viewing your videos or listening to your podcasts. There are hundreds of other dumb trends surfacing that should never have caught on in the first place. Be a game changer and put a stop to the idiotic trends. Refrain from talking about them and sharing the stupidity on social media.

We enjoyed venting about this subject. Please feel free to chime in — we’d love to hear your thoughts!

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