Mobile Phone Etiquette 101

Mobile Phone Etiquette 101

We are losing sight of the world in front of us and our smartphones are the pit of the problem. We’ve stuck our noses into our screens and threw common etiquette out the window. When is it appropriate to use your phone in public, and what should you avoid?

Our cell phones are making us lose our social manners. The customs that were drilled into us as kids, before there were smartphones and social media, have slowly been fading out of our system. A new set of social rules are being formed for generations to come, and well, it’s not pretty. It is taking away from human interaction. There’s a lack of understanding of what is and isn’t acceptable in terms of mobile phone etiquette.

Put That S*** Away

Respect those who are with you. When you’re face-to-face with someone, give them your undivided attention. Avoid texting, taking calls, Snapchat, or emails. If you are receiving an important call, apologize and ask your guest before accepting it. It’s that simple! Otherwise, let your Voicemail do its job.

Put your phone away when spending time with family and friends. Tuck it away when you’re on a date, unless you’re looking to end your uncomfortable Tinder date early, in that case start typing. Next time go out to dinner with your text buddy instead.

Talking on your phone or texting while at a movie is a good way to get popcorn thrown at the back of your head. Take that s*** into the lobby. Your phone shouldn’t be lighting up like a Christmas tree every few minutes.

Don’t text and drive. The obvious, but not always followed. Have you ever driven past an idiot driver and saw them fiddling with their phone or chatting away with it held up to their ear? Yeah, there’s a reason why that’s illegal. There is no message that is so important that forced you to put other drivers in danger.

No Need To Shout

Another great tidbit; don’t yell. Why do people feel it’s necessary to crank up the volume when on the phone? Generally you don’t have to shout in the microphone to be heard on the other end. Technology is actually pretty amazing in the sense that it can pick up your regular toned voice. Unless you’re talking to gammy who can’t hear a train whistle, no one wants to hear your private conversation.

Flauntin’ It All

Avoid talking in enclosed areas like the library, elevator, hospital, train or at a wedding… come on. Even if you’re more than 10 feet away from people, chances are they can still hear you, because it’s an enclosed space.

Don’t put your phone on speaker; that’s just plain rude. People are already annoyed with hearing your end of the story, don’t push it by making them listen to the other person’s side.

Leaving someone on hold while you order. No one wants to listen to you order your latte and the barista at Starbucks doesn’t want to hear about Stacy breaking up with Jim over a text. If you know your next in line, ask to call them back. If by chance you’re on an important conference call, put the phone on mute, and apologize to the cashier rep.

Crankin’ up your headphones on the train, or in a public place, for everyone to hear. If we wanted to listen to music, we’d have our own headphones in, loud enough for only our ears to hear. But thanks for the unkind offer.

Playing games in public with the sound on. The entire train doesn’t need to hear how many levels you’ve conquered on Candy Crush for 45 minutes.

Social Media Junkie

It should never be a priority to snap a photo for Instagram of every freaking meal and beverage you intake. Making everyone wait to eat their food can be often times inappropriate. Enjoy life in the moment. We are so concerned with everyone knowing what we are doing throughout the day. You’re not that important, dude. We don’t need to see what you’re ingesting.

How many selfies is too many selfies? A selfie a day is not necessary. We know what you look like. We care too much about how good our selfies look, and how many likes we can get. Go out into the world and let actual people enjoy your beautiful face with all it’s charm and character behind it. Is it more important for you to be on social media, or to be social?

It can be fun to let everyone know where you are with your friends, how your vacation is going, or who you ran into. The best and easiest way to do so is to upload that information or content onto Facebook or Instagram. But respect those who may not want their lives put on social media. When people tag you into places or on a photo without your permission it can be alarming, and an invasion of your privacy. Maybe you didn’t want to be tagged for whatever reason, you just wanted to enjoy your night out.

We love technology but it should never take hold of our morals and etiquette. It’s supposed to enhance human life, not take away from it. Smartphones are nothing shy of great — they keep us in touch with friends and family and can be life savers. But they can also be annoying if not used thoughtfully. Be in control of your mobile phone, don’t let it control you!

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