The Secret Sauce Behind Every Great App Idea

The Secret Sauce Behind Every Great App Idea

You may think that the first step to creating an app business begins with an idea. Well, that’s too broad. An idea could be anything! It could even be the worst idea for starting an app business. So, where do most great app ideas stem from?

Some of the most popular apps are a result of a problem being solved. This could be a problem you face yourself or one you’ve discovered by observing the people around you. Begin by observing your daily life. Observe other people, too. Are the people around you struggling with specific day-to-day tasks? Do you find yourself struggling with the same thing? Can you think of a better way to perform these tasks?

It doesn’t necessarily need to be something that you personally struggle with, though it usually is. It’s not to say you can’t build a great product unless you’re solving your own problem, but it takes a lot more work to understand your market and make something useful. Don’t make the mistake of building a solution in search of a problem. You’ll find yourself sliding back down a hill quicker than the time it took you to climb up it.

Eventually, you’ll begin to start recognizing real-world problems that don’t have a reliable solution. Narrow your search down to a problem that you can get excited about. You want that drive and complete interest in solving that problem before you dive into this venture.

After all, wouldn’t you want to invest your time in things that make you happy?

Myranda Cate

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