The Benefits of Investing in Good UX

The Benefits of Investing in Good UX

UX design is the process of enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty by improving usability; needless to say, it’s an important process. So when we talk about “user experience” we are referring to any touch point a user can have with your business. How are your users interacting with your app or website? Is it satisfyingly easy to use? In other words, UX should make complex things easy to use.

“Good design is good business,” the second president of IBM, Thomas J. Watson, famously told Wharton students in 1973. “We are convinced that good design can materially help make a good product reach its full potential,” he said. He predicted the trend that made companies like Apple, Facebook and Google what they are today.

A customer experience is the full experience that customers identify as they interact with every aspect of a product or service. The better experience you create for your customers, the happier they will be, because as time goes on, individual experiences add up to form a concept, which becomes the product’s “brand.” Eventually your user experience will define your app.

The process of improving the user’s experience is not a guessing game. UX design is a science and its benefits are unarguable. Designers’ main focus is to implement best practices when designing an app or website, they apply strategies that have been proven to work. Trust your designers, even when the deepest part of your stomach is telling you not to. When it comes down to it, your customers will speak loudest.

Designers know that good UX speeds up the development process by not designing something too complicated. Meaning a more effective approach is to use the least amount of resources. Don’t weigh down your app with features your users may not even need or want. Start with your MVP. Proper UX design requires understanding users’ needs and creating a solution that solves their problems in the easiest and quickest way possible. Businesses simply fail with unsatisfied customers.

Customer satisfaction is an important factor when designing your user experience, however good UX considers not just the end user, but also the clients’ needs. The process of UX design further adds value to the client by making sure that their project can move along at a steady pace with minimal hitches.

Studies have shown that companies that invest in UX see a lower cost of customer acquisition, lower support cost, increased customer retention and increased market share, according to a study done by Forrester.

Make good UX a part of your internal processes.

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