Apple sent out a wave of invites to the event, this past Thursday morning. At the bottom of the invite read “Hey Siri, give us a hint,” and as enticing as that sounds – we went ahead and asked her. Aside from her cynicism, the responses we received were quite humorous; “I’ll give you three hints: it has opposable thumbs, a highly developed sense of humor and rhyms with “syzygy.” Oh, wait. I’m thinking of something else. I think you’ll find out tomorrow.” As if that weren’t tantalizing enough, Siri then responds with, “Sorry. I missed the super secret keynote meeting because I was busy reminding 3 million people to call their mom.” Thankfully, we did not miss the event!

The rumors that have surfaced over the past few days are true; the gargantuan iPadPro is amongst us. Although, Siri didn’t want to ruin the surprise in days following the event, we are happy to highlight what the iPadPro has to offer. Apple has created the most powerful iPad ever in addition to its first ever Smart Keyboard, and Smart Pencil. Its display is larger standing at 12.9 inches featuring 5.6 million pixels. The variable refresh rate enables the iPad to slow things down to save battery, and the doubled bandwidth made it even faster. To create an even more impressive experience, Apple has added 2 additional speakers allowing it to perform with a total of 4 speakers, because why increase the size and not the sound, too?

Apple Pencil & Keyboard

The Apple Pencil is packed with technology. The iPad’s multi-touch display allows the Pencil’s pin point accuracy to perform more, all at once. Specifically made for the new iPad, the Pencil is core sensitive, and will work with the most advanced display to provide accurate drawings. The responsive sensors on the tablet’s screen observe position, force, and tilt. Users are able to adjust the thickness of the stroke by shifting the pressure applied. The Apple Pencil has been designed to suit creative professionals and even those within the healthcare industry. It is easily charged by simply using a Lightning adapter and plugging it into the iPadPro.

The Smart Keyboard is sold separately, and just might be worth purchasing over all other keyboards. The Smart Connector, a brand new feature to all Apple products, carries power and data, and connects magnetically to the iPadPro. It is made from woven fabric, and might as well be made out of gold at that price, but when unfolded as a cover, it reveals a physical keyboard.

These innovative accessories have a few productivity-geared apps to enable full use of the Pencil and Smart Keyboard. On top of Apple’s new Notes and Mail apps in iOS 9, Apple’s long-lost friend Adobe and Microsoft Office apps will be available for the iPadPro. Imagine how much you can get done now with the recently announced split-view feature.

Healthcare Industry

The iPadPro may appeal to business users that appreciate the extra screen space and stylus support. Apple has taken a keen interest in enterprise and productivity through its partnership with IBM. Their affiliation has allowed companies to develop apps to use in various industries, such as healthcare.

The iPad has essentially replaced clipboards and has completely engaged with its patients. Making medical software more accessible and allowing today’s medical software developers to create intuitive applications that work on the go. Even more, the iPad will improve surgery preparation, and recovery. In Apple’s latest event, the company demoed the iPadPro’s capability of visualizing the human anatomy better in 3D4Medical app. This allows patients and doctors to understand how bones and muscles work together. It can even be used to simulate surgical procedures. Doctors can use the Apple Pencil or their fingers to interact with the tablet to view, visualize, and simulate procedures.

This device will offer the most advanced tabled designed for enterprises, it could go as far as replacing the PC…

The Apple iPadPro will be available in silver, gold, and space grey colors in November. As far as pricing goes, pricing starts at $799 for the 32GB model, $949 for the 128GB model, and $1,079 for the 128GB LTE model. Unfortunately, the accessories are sold separately, and the Apple Pencil will go for $99, while the Smart Keyboard will sell for $169.

Could the new iPadPro threaten sales of the MacBook Air?

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