PhD Labs’ New Location: A Place Where Teams Come Together

PhD Labs’ New Location: A Place Where Teams Come Together

It’s a new era for PhD Labs and we are lovin’ every minute of it! Not long ago we received the keys to our new office in Irvine, California. As soon as we set eyes on the layout of the empty space, our creative minds began visualizing what it could become.

We used to reside in Ontario for over a decade! We had a functioning office, but it didn’t scream PhD Labs… We lacked the creative flow, and the location an app development team required. So we asked ourselves, “where in Southern California can we place our services for those who will profit from us?” What better than Orange County’s very own “Silicon Valley.”

Irvine is not only the safest city in the nation or the most fashionable city, but it is ranked number 5 out of the top 10 cities for startups. There is a thriving business climate developing life-changing technologies coming out of California’s fastest growing city. Silicon Valley and Orange County share more than a few attributes, but not only does Southern California have leaders in technology, we have innovators — so we’ve placed ourselves in the heart of that growth.

Clutch has recently ranked us as the number one App Developers in Los Angeles — we are the best in the area and there’s no one around us in iOS and Android development.

We’ve designed our new office to have a creative feel. We want our team and those who join us to feel open and able to express themselves. No one has their own office, there are no cubicles, the kegs are always full, giant Jenga and Ping Pong are ready to be played, and there’s always Spotify streaming through the speakers.

Not only have we created this awesome space for our PhD nerds, but we’ve set up a tech-hub for our startups. It is a place for startups to grow and for teams to come together and create greatness. Think of us as your very own startup incubator. We provide a controlled environment for startups’ ideas to hatch. Our new location is designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies. Even more, if investors wanted to use our facility to talk to clients,  or if startups wanted to work on other projects beyond what they are developing with us, then we welcome them with open arms.

Check out what we’ve done with the place!!

phd overview

phd labs conference room

phd labs kitchen

phd labs HR

phd labs media boards

phd labs corner


phd labs bathroom


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