Perfection is a Myth

Perfection is a Myth

Getting your MVP into the hands of users is crucial. Don’t waste precious time running through what features users might want – leave your app insecurity at the door and get your core product to market.

Perfection is a myth. In the tech world, there is no such thing as perfect. Even the best of the best (Apple), launch products that aren’t quite perfected. Bugs are inevitable, features will be left out, and it just might be embarrassing to release your MVP.

If it’s not broken, iterate! If there is no valid reason stopping you from launching, aside from your own insecurities, then get that puppy out there! One of our favorite quotes by Reid Hoffman says it all:

If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late.

Perfecting your project will crush you. Let it go. No one cares about your app like you do. They care about it solving a problem. If you can simply solve that problem, people will live with missing features or a few bugs that can quickly be squashed with updates.

Have you ever worked with a perfectionist? How productive are they really? They spend too much time over-analyzing and fine-tuning the most minute details that they miss the big picture; launching. That’s the beauty of user feedback, it allows you to get your app into their hands and iterate. The first step in success is establishing a useable building block that solves an actual problem.

Startups and entrepreneurs who recognize this issue can properly plan, and they won’t be surprised if something doesn’t go exactly as planned. It’s all about starting and moving forward until you hit that ultimate benchmark that represents success on your own terms.

Myranda Cate

Myranda "Coach" Cate is a wordsmith by day and a volleyball extraordinaire by night. When Myranda isn't using her writing degree skills to blog on Nerdy Talk, she spends her spare time shaping young volleyball champions. Coach love's meeting up with friends at Esther's Taco House always with a Dos Equis Amber in her hand.

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