During the 26th Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has teased us once again with “One more thing.” But was the unveiling of Apple Music really worth the acclaimed tease?

Apple is launching a Spotify/Rdio competitor. It is $9.99 per month or $14.99 on a family plan for streaming music. With the family plan, Apple Music is able to support up to 6 different accounts! Wow! Watch out Spotify, because that feature alone could win over a great deal of music lovers. Apple has ingeniously discovered a way to boost music sales. Over the years, people have found other ways to download and stream music, bypassing iTunes entirely. Apple Music could turn out to be a positive transition.

Apple is taking another whack at the whole connecting artists with fans. Maybe Apple Music will take further strides than they did with “Ping.” So far, nothing revolutionary has really been unveiled. Is this something that Apple has hyped up to be new and innovative when really it seems they have just consolidated previous features into one app?

Now, I’m not trying to bash on Apple Music right out of the gate but it will be interesting to see how it competes with other music/radio apps. On the contrary, there are a few compelling features that will launch on June 30th in over 100 countries, and an Android support is coming in the fall. For instance, Apple Music will allow song downloads for offline listening. Users are able to search their content on “My Music,” or discover song recommendations in the “For You” tab. Apple is all about delving into the future, so naturally, they have created a feature that will show you what song is next. A simple perk that prepares your mood for what’s to come. Apple Music even allows you to browse ad-free music videos!

Do you remember how I mentioned Siri is getting smarter in the WWDC 2015: Get the Low Down of What’s Coming This Fall! blog? Well there was one thing that I neglected to mention; Siri can also work contextually with Apple Music when you ask Siri to do things like “Play that song from The Weeknd.” Instead of using your already tired fingers from texting and socializing, now Siri will take your song requests.

Not only is Apple Music meant for listening, but it inspires users to discover and share music as well. It is a streaming music accessory and a 24-hour live radio station. Part of the countless things Apple Music is able to perform; Apple Music Connect just might be the modernization that turns unknown artists into known phenomenons. Connect has created a platform for artists to share lyrics, photos, videos, and upload current music for followers to share and respond to. This cutting-edge feature will allow fans to share songs and albums through Facebook, Twitter, iMessage and email. That alone, can make the difference for fresh and striving artists.

This all sounds intriguing and worth a free 90 day trial, but is it worth $9.99 a month? Thankfully, users have 3 months to figure that part out on their own. I appreciate the platform it has created for artists to connect with fans and that Apple Music allows you to personalize your music; however, is it enough to steer music lovers away from competitors like Spotify? I can tell you one thing, whether Apple Music has a negative or positive outcome; it will be talked about. I look forward to June 30, 2015 when I can decide for myself if it is worth the switch.
Next step, securing Taylor Swift? Miracles do happen… sometimes.

Robert Patrick

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