How to Come Up with a Life-Altering App Idea

How to Come Up with a Life-Altering App Idea

The great life of having your own app business begins with an idea. But where do most great app ideas stem from? Here are a few ways to come up with that life-altering idea you’ve been waiting to hit you.

Find a Problem

Some of the most popular apps are a result of a problem being solved. This could be a problem you face yourself or one you’ve discovered by observing the people around you. Begin by observing your daily life. Observe other people too. Are the people around you struggling with specific day-to-day tasks? Do you find yourself struggling with the same tasks? Can you think of a better way to do these tasks?

Eventually, you’ll begin to start recognizing real-world problems that don’t have a solid solution. Narrow your search down to a problem that you can get excited about. You want that drive and complete interest in solving that problem before you dive into this venture.

Research the Competition

When searching for an idea, you may look to the apps or app categories that already exist and build something similar in hopes that you build a better app. Start by searching apps with downloads but no updates. Use Google Play and the App Store to search the rankings for the most updated and popular apps of your interest.

Go straight to the 4th or 5th page and look for apps that haven’t received an update in the last year, but still get downloads. The unfortunate apps that have been abandoned. Go through the apps in detail, get feedback from existing and potential users, and create a better app for them.  By starting here, you’ll already have market validation for the app and a target audience to go after.

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