Bring Users Back to Your App

Bring Users Back to Your App

App users have short attention spans, we are aware, but they don’t have stay away forever. To stay in touch, users demand more mobile outreach. They want information relevant to them. App businesses are scrambling to figure out how to make users feel that personal connection and continue to engage with them.

Launching is just the beginning of the battle. To win repeat users, keep it personal to keep users engaged. Repeat users are at the core of any mobile app. They drive revenue and validate value to investors. Not to mention the word-of-mouth marketing that users preach to their friends helps build an even further reach.

You know the ins and outs of your app but do you understand the user process? What does the typical user flow look like? How is your app making their lives better?  

It is key to identify touchpoints within your app. Where and when do users interact with your app? Find the best opportunities to remind them to stay engaged. Create a wish list for shopping apps. Notify users of friends’ activity on social apps. Offer bonuses and challenges on gaming apps. Take advantage of the information your users willingly volunteer to gain a better understanding of what they want.

Give users the chance to rediscover why they downloaded your app in the first place.

Robert Patrick

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Founder & Chief Architect Robert ("The One") started writing software at 12 years old, and founded PhD in the 1990′s at the age of 18. His philosophy is that working hard/playing hard, honesty and pursuing your true passion will lead to success and happiness.

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