7 Apps to Increase Your Productivity

7 Apps to Increase Your Productivity

For most of us, our smartphones are attached to our hips. We go everywhere with them. Even the bathroom, unfortunately. They act as our personal assistants and productivity aids and with the holidays soon approaching, control of our daily lives can get a little hairy. It’s not just the information that is stored in our devices that is important, but they also allow us to become more productive in our daily lives. Here are 7 apps that you can install now on your iOS or Android device that can be used to improve your overall productivity.

1. Workflow

Workflow is an iOS exclusive app that allows you to consolidate phone tasks and apps that dominate your time. Users can organize a ride for their next calendar appointment, save images from a webpage and upload photos to your cloud storage. The app allows users to carry out over 200 actions using a number of apps and users can share their creations.

2. OmniFocus

This app is a bit on the pricey side, but is considered to be one of the most robust and full-featured productivity apps on the market. Priced at $39.99, OmniFocus is a personal task manager program that is able to capture thoughts and ideas into to do lists. The app is available on several Apple products and although it is not supported by Android, a third-party clone called Quantus Tasks does exist.

3. WPS Office

The app offers an all-in-one functionality for word processing, presentations and slideshows. WPS Office works with a number of different file formats and its features enable the viewing and modifying of documents. The app features a tab that makes it simple for users to work on multiple documents at the same time. Available on Google Play and the App Store.

4. Trello

The Android and iOS app is a highly customizable digital bulletin board that users can use to set up anything from to do lists, tasks, notes and more. Users create lists, which then can be organized in a specific order, or can be dropped in other lists. Information can be shared with other users, with provisions for creating new cards, adding comments and assigning tasks.

5. Feedly

A news reading tool that brings together a number of interfaces allowing you to browse news stories quickly and efficiently. Feedly merges the best of multiple interfaces, with a text-only list view for quick browsing through your news feed, and flashier magazine and card-style layout for a more visual approach. You can have topical updates delivered from blogs and websites or add customer subscriptions form sources such as RSS. The app also allows articles to be saved and viewed offline. Available on both Android and iOS devices.

6. Quip

Quip incorporates messaging and collaborative editing into its app so that users can import, create and share documents. As a group you can edit them and the sidebar allows you to speak to colleagues or friends. Importing documents is simple using multiple cloud services and exporting documents in many different formats is also available.

7. Agenda

A calendar app that has built-in messaging options that allow for easy communication when you’re running behind or need to make changes to appointments. Available on both iOS and Android devices.

Maybe your busy schedule goes beyond downloading a few apps, but here are just 7 apps to help you grab hold of your day-to-day tasks.

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