5 Mistakes Startups Make: Mistake #4

5 Mistakes Startups Make: Mistake #4

Getting your app to an app store is just the start of the journey. Do you have a plan once you’ve launched? Have you strategized the best route for growth? Having a strategy defines the purpose and competitive edge your app has.

Mistake number 4 that startups tend to make is failing to track their progress. This subject ties in with thinking your app business will run itself. A strategy gives shape to the scope of your app business’s operations and its relationship with users. However, just because you came up with a plan for the year doesn’t mean you can let it fall to the wayside. What good is a New Year’s Resolution if you give up after the first month?

Constantly follow up with your plan and assess its success. Evaluate your app business. How did you do this previous month or past year? Set yourself up for success by creating a structured plan on how to get your app business up and running. What is needed to tackle existing or potential problems? What did you do right or wrong? Where can you improve? What changes need to be made?

Your strategy may not stay the same forever – that’s expected. However, asking yourself these questions will help position your focus to the right plan of action.

Myranda Cate


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