4 Things Developers Consider Before Creating a New App | No. 4 of Series

4 Things Developers Consider Before Creating a New App | No. 4 of Series

It’s not about coming up with a completely new app idea, rather it’s taking something that exists and making it better. Nobody wants to see the same thing over and over, right? So, how do you change up the game but go after what’s already a big hit?

Facebook and Instagram existed long before Snapchat came into play, but Snapchat introduced a new way of sharing photos and videos socially, and the social media crazed fans ate it up! Now we have Facebook and Instagram fighting a war against Snapchat to keep users like you on their side of the field.

Bringing something new is important for your app to become successful. Think of it like this; If Snapchat didn’t change the way social media content was consumed, it would just have been another me-too app. Users might have tried it, but it’s unlikely it would have sustained the way it has.

Keep your users engaged. What separates your app from the rest of the competition? You should always look for something new to appeal to users of the existing apps you’re targeting.

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