Risks of Mobile App Development Pt 1

Risks of Mobile App Development Pt 1

Many entrepreneurs are drawn in by the simplicity of mobile app development not really knowing what lies ahead. Anyone can build an app out there with the right technical skills and money – but be warned, the process isn’t something to be taken lightly. Here are a few perils of mobile app development and what to avoid.

The Inevitable

Mistakes are at times inescapable, but we’d rather avoid them especially the ones that are too costly for you. Mistakes come in all shapes and sizes, technical and intangible. For most people, transforming an app into reality is so far-fetched because they don’t know what they want an app for – they’ve just heard it’s the popular thing to do.

For others, it’s the conversion issue – they want to convert their business front into a mobile subpar app version. The business and its mobile version may be nothing alike. The world of mobile apps is its own universe, and direct translation doesn’t always succeed.

Platform Problems

Do you want to build for iOS or Android? Don’t think the App Store is an instant money maker because of the costs involved initially. Some apps might not even work in the US, which is where the App Store frankly shines, but Android is still a global force. Possibilities and alternatives need to be thought of when it comes to making your mobile app because it’s a huge consideration keeping your targets etc. in mind.

Going Viral

Say your app is just killing it in the market right now. That’s great – but what about this little thing called unsustainable growth? Just as it’s not good to overestimate yourself – it is also not good to underestimate yourself either, especially if you start realizing you can’t scale up fast enough.

In the world of mobile app development, rises and falls are both rapid – you might be here one day and gone the next. That’s why you need to be on your toes. If you cannot handle the growth, find ways of curbing it. If providing service and support to rapidly growing numbers of end users becomes completely un-scalable and costly, it can result in angry or confused end users who either leave a negative review and/or delete the app. So, if you know the worth of your idea and are actively tracking its growth, then be prepared.

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