Inspire Your Idea to Life

Inspire Your Idea to Life

The one thing that drives most successful entrepreneurs and startups is passion. You have to be passionate about what you are investing all of your time into for it succeed because success is not guaranteed in this game. Don’t just start something just because you think it will get you ahead in life, do it because you are passionate about it. Passion brings energy, and with that, you can persuade the world that you can do it.

In this video, you’ll hear from 50 different successful entrepreneurs giving advice on what it takes to pursue your idea and give it life. Prepare yourself, this is some inspiring stuff!!

50 Entrepreneurs Share Priceless Advice | YouTune


Myranda Cate

Myranda "Coach" Cate is a wordsmith by day and a volleyball extraordinaire by night. When Myranda isn't using her writing degree skills to blog on Nerdy Talk, she spends her spare time shaping young volleyball champions. Coach love's meeting up with friends at Esther's Taco House always with a Dos Equis Amber in her hand.

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