Has Apple Stopped Innovating?

Has Apple Stopped Innovating?

Apple has built just about everything that we need. They’ve updated the hell out of existing products, but what else can they offer? Will they expand their innovations and surprise us in June?

Steve Jobs used to share a story about how he first became inspired by the idea of what computes could do. He would tell people about the time he read a science magazine when he was young, and he found an article ranking animals by the efficiency of their movements. At the top of the list was cheetahs and hawks, and humans were listed down on the bottom due to them being relatively slow on two legs.

He then continued to read the second list in the magazine. This list compared humans on bicycles versus all the other animals. Humans were suddenly the most efficient animals on the planet. At that time, Jobs realized that was the power of machines.

Jobs used to call the computer a bicycle for the mind. Apple has always succeeded at the pedals and handle bars. The handle bars and pedals are the parts where we humans touch the machine, where we interact with it and the machine responds.

Apple has always exceeded at taking something known to man and enhancing it. In the 1980s, it was the mouse. It was invented at PARC and made mainstream by Apple. Apple simply made it better, and made computers plausible. In the early 2000s, it was the clickwheel paired with the iPod’s simple software. In 2006, the iPhone was introduced with its miraculous touchscreen capabilities, paired with iOS, this made smartphones accessible to everyone. In 2011, the world met Siri. Siri was meant to be a new way for a human to “pedal” and their smartphone would react.

Apple has a process; they examine the world for technologies humans are using to interact with computers. They look for tech and gadgets to perfect. But how many new versions of the iPhone will we see before we get introduced to something new?

Lately, it seems as if Apple’s new products are failing more often than they are succeeding. Hence the question, “has Apple stopped innovating?” We are looking forward to Apple’s WWDC 2016 developer conference scheduled for June 13-17 to see what’s to come in Apple technology.

What’s next for Apple? What else can they make??

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