3 Tips to Increase Your Mobile App’s Downloads

3 Tips to Increase Your Mobile App’s Downloads

Many startups neglect app store optimization. It is the most cost-effective method to organically increase your installs for plenty of reasons. For instance, by optimizing your app to be discovered through search, you can dramatically enhance the number of downloads you receive for your mobile app.


Depending on how many downloads and how much traffic your app is already getting, you must adjust your keywords. For example, if your app is already getting high traffic and downloads, you can target more competitive keywords that have higher traffic. If you are just starting up an app that nobody knows about and isn’t getting featured, choose keywords that have a low difficulty level and medium traffic. There are likely some keywords that are great that other apps are not targeting and may have decent traffic.


Once people discover your app, the rest is up to how well your app listing converts into downloads. To optimize conversions, you must use beautiful images to entice users to want to download your app. Make sure to include the most attractive screens of your app and to include captions in the pictures as well. Make sure to also include an interesting and appealing description to clearly explain to potential users what your app does.


App store optimization is an ongoing process that takes experience, time and testing to get right. Make sure to thoroughly test out keywords over periods of time, and test out the images/description of your app to see which ones are converting the best. At the end of the day, data doesn’t lie, so make sure you follow the data and find out what works for your app and weed out what doesn’t.

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