Winning the App Election: Donald Trump Style

Winning the App Election: Donald Trump Style

Presidential candidate, Donald Trump is far from timid, he may be arrogant and forthright at times — well, most of the time, but you’d be crazy to believe he doesn’t get the job done. When delving into the app world, you should want nothing less than an app as bold as Donald Trump.

Consumers use apps they love, not an app they kind of like. We vote for those we believe in and for those who we trust to lead us; not for the candidates we doubt. Why do you think people believe that the billionaire real-estate developer will treat us any better than the career politicians they mistrust. Maybe because he is low risk, high reward.

Creating an app business can be intimidating, sure, but it can also be a thrilling experience when done right. Many have this idea of developing something never seen before — the chances of your new innovation sticking are slim. Instead, create something bold! We’ve said this before, and we are saying it again: “Being first isn’t always the best.” Donald Trump clearly isn’t the first and only presidential candidate to ever run, but he sure is making his mark.

You don’t have to like Trump, but it wouldn’t kill you to build an app inspired by his ego. Trump has a drive for perfection; your app business should be nothing short of that. That doesn’t mean overload your app with unnecessary features to feed your app insecurities. But you can build a team around your app and expect greatness from them, and inspire them to keep your business thriving. Trump has successfully run large organizations which requires leadership, the type of leadership needed to run your app business. When you run your own organization you set vision, goals and expect results.

With Trump, what you see is what you see, all the cards are on the table. His brand is aggressive, fearless, and nervy. Not only has he stayed true to his hair style, but Trump has remained stunningly consistent throughout the US presidential election. His success is no secret, and he didn’t get there by being feeble and modest. Your app, your business, your brand will all succeed with that method. Creating an app is not a hobby, it’s not something to be timid about, and it doesn’t come easy.

It’s a hell of a ride worth taking if you’re passionate about creating an app with a backbone.

Robert Patrick

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Founder & Chief Architect Robert ("The One") started writing software at 12 years old, and founded PhD in the 1990′s at the age of 18. His philosophy is that working hard/playing hard, honesty and pursuing your true passion will lead to success and happiness.

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