Wait! Before You Launch Your App…

Wait! Before You Launch Your App…

There are a few things you should focus on before launching your app, market research being one of them. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked because people neglect to see the importance of the role it plays in launching their app. Putting time and money into market research shockingly does generate actionable ROI. We all like to think our star shines the brightest, no harm in that, but don’t launch without a reasonable amount of research done, because you were overly confident in your app being a hit in the market. Following a practical approach will result in a more valuable response.

Identify the Problem

Identifying and defining the problem is a must. You might discover a potential dilemma or opportunity that you haven’t considered before. You could discover your customers’ perceptions of your brand and determine which strategies you can use to positively influence your audience. Uncover the characteristics of your target market. Find out what your product’s potential profit is in the market. Who knows, that same problem could already have multiple ways of solving it on the market – check out what your competitors are doing right and wrong. The benefits of identifying the problem are endless.

Target Audience

Once you’ve identified the problem that you are solving and have pinpointed your target market, you can now begin to understand your customer. Think about your potential customers, work on defining them on the basis of demographics such as age, user location, profession, income group, sex, etc. Paint a picture of the customer by listing all the different types of customers that suffer from the problem you are solving. Who will gain from the value in your app?  Focusing on your potential target audience will help your apps user base grow.

Acquisition Campaigns

Plan your acquisition campaigns! Meaning come up with a strategy for your app business to pull in new customers. Ideally, you want organic downloads but let’s face it, that’s not going to happen right away. In order to reach that organic threshold, you can’t ignore this step. Social platforms are the most used for app download acquisition campaigns, but search engine marketing, app store optimization and other mobile advertising are key components. To make your app reach your audience you need to invest in the right marketing resources and track their respective performance. Think about it, when your app is getting random users from different ad acquisition campaigns, your app has a better chance of gaining organic users who actually need your app. This step is crucial in getting your apps in the hands of multiple users.

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