4 Secrets to Building a Mobile App Users Will Love

4 Secrets to Building a Mobile App Users Will Love

Today, more than 3 million mobile apps are available in the app store, covering all the categories you could possibly imagine. To say the least, it has become a highly competitive industry. So, how can your app stand apart from the competition and become something people will rely on?

1. Focus on One Thing

Solving a problem. That’s it. You need to identify a significant problem and develop a clever way to solve it. Don’t start building a lavish application right out of the gate. Success is achieved by taking a lot of calculated small steps rather than a giant leap. It’s crucial to build and launch the most basic version of your app: your MVP. From there, gather feedback from users and expand the feature set.

2. Build a Business

It’s one thing to create an app and another to successfully execute and build a business around your mobile app. Building an app starting a business. It is not a hobby or part-time gig. The most successful apps have a solid business model with customer service, marketing and monetization schemes for growth. It’s not about getting the “launch line.”

3. Narrow Down Your Audience

Instead of building for millions of users that might like your app, build for that select crowd that will love it. Most people only use two to three apps regularly yet install multiple apps they rarely use, if ever. To be one of the chosen few, create a quality product that people rely on—you’ll have a highly-engaged audience that actively gives feedback and shares your product with their friends and associates.

4. Team Up

With mobile being one of the most profitable industries today, many startups are launching their own apps despite having no background in tech. For most, your best bet is to partner up with a development team. This will involve spending a good sum of your capital, but there are plenty of resources for you to gain funding. Regardless, don’t rob your app of the care and expertise that is needed for it to be built right.

Robert Patrick

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