WWDC = big deal

WWDC = big deal

Many iPhone lovers are anticipating Apple’s announcement for new things to come. Televised for the first time on Apple TV, viewers can live stream today at 10am! Apple excitement makes for a great morning of tech talk. We are waiting for the blank screen to show Apple’s beautiful keynote. This announcement has struck up many rumors of what the big news will be about. This speculation ranges from what data Apple is now able to track to a new health platform for users. The point is that its all speculation, Apple keeps their secrets in Silicon Valley and they are notorious for blowing up the tech world with their yearly keynote of greatness. Apple’s keynotes are a lively symphony of design; we can’t get enough of their signature font. The keynote never disappoints design hungry eyes.  Mostly this is what I am looking forward to seeing, along with the BIG Secret NEWS!  Apple’s nurturing consistency of always changing the IOS world for the better comforts me to know that what will be announced will be great. I am hoping for an unbreakable glass screen along with their news:)  ITS TIME!

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