Hiring a Team Over Hiring Individuals

Hiring a Team Over Hiring Individuals

Time and time again we see a team of underdogs that just seem to click beat a team packed with talent — why?

When starting up your app business you want to surround yourself with the best, but let’s be honest, you’re not going to hire a bunch of Steve Jobs’ and Mark Zuckerberg’s right off the bat. What you can control is attitude over aptitude. You have the ability to form a team of people that understand your concepts, that buy into your philosophies, and that you ultimately can’t do without.

A smart coach will recruit players with leadership and teamwork already engrained into them. These types of players aren’t always easy to spot but when you do, you realize how much that players attitude affects the team around them. Skill is often times an easy thing to coach (if you’re a good coach, that is), but it is near impossible to teach someone how to work well with others. A players demeanor on the court speaks louder than the level of their talent. It’s not to say players with phenomenal capabilities are incapable of working with others, but part of the problem is that there are players who believe their talent exceeds those around them. These players are poisonous — one bad apple spoils the bunch.

Hiring a team as opposed to a group of individuals is structuring a synchronized squad. They are essential to what you are building. They’re a pillar of your futures success. They are the very foundation that your app requires. When you hire a group of individuals, no one is there to lead, no one is there to learn and feed off each other — they are there for themselves. Individuals don’t build great companies, teams do.

When you hit internal moments of doubt, you need a team that will dig in when they’re up against the ropes. Be focused on quality; find those with unique capabilities. Don’t settle. Don’t hire too quickly just to fill a void or because you feel pressured. The minute you compromise on quality, that’s when you’ve already begun the plunge. Avoid those who have “done it before.” Yes, it’s great to have people aboard with experience, but it’s a mistake. When you hire someone too early who has already “done it” you often find someone that is less motivated in tough times, less willing to be scrappy, they are more needy and aren’t willing to change their way of thinking.

Find those who are self-motivated and can motivate others. Choose attitude over aptitude — quality over quantity. Create a culture that you’re passionate about so that you and your team can build your app business into something great.

Together Everyone Achieves More.

Robert Patrick

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Founder & Chief Architect Robert ("The One") started writing software at 12 years old, and founded PhD in the 1990′s at the age of 18. His philosophy is that working hard/playing hard, honesty and pursuing your true passion will lead to success and happiness.

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