4 Mobile App Trends to Conquer the New Year

4 Mobile App Trends to Conquer the New Year

Trends tend to fluctuate, even more so with the rise in smartphone owners and new applications launching constantly. With the new year, soon approaching, we begin to leave behind some concepts and ideologies and say hello to new mobile app developments. Here are four trends to ring in the new year as the way users interact with the world changes.

User Experience

The market has become more customer-centric where users want tasks to be accomplished in the quickest way possible. User experience has always been important, no doubt, but we could see new techniques arise soon as designers develop more creativity. App designers will try new things without being sure what will work, but that’s the way design aspects work. We could see new font styles, color schemes and placements. Fresh and modern ideas will develop for better user experience.

Wearables, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

The innovation of wearables, VR and AR devices are becoming the new fad which lines up a bright future for each. Both Apple Watch and Google Glasses wearable technology are hot topics and until now apps for wearable devices were mostly focused on the healthcare industry. But now, wearables are expected to be used to improve productivity and efficiency creating a wider range for app development. While we’re still in the early stages of discovering these technologies, this will create an exciting new field of opportunities for UI and product designers in 2017.

Integrating Big Data

Analytics play an important role when understanding the results of having a new app hit the market. Tracking the use of an app can be done efficiently by big data analysis. However, it’s more than just analytics – it gives insight into the future of your app business.


It’s no secret that social media has been a hit for years! More apps are catering to the needs of users wanting to interact with each other and messaging is at the root of that. Messaging will continue to grow and more businesses will offer messaging/interaction features within their app.

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